Survival Guide

We have finally come to the end of the world, and as the last group of humans, our primary purpose is to survive with whatever resources we have. Anything that can sustain physical and mental needs to be collected. All collected resources are not shared with other survivors. Protect yourself and try to survive

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Game Machine

As one of the common human intelligent devices, game machine can be used as spiritual food in the process of survival. The process of survival is long and tedious, and the human spirit can easily break down in such a depressed atmosphere. Game machine can relieve such negative emotions to a great extent and help people kill time easily.


As the most common daily articles in human society, the charger can be seen everywhere. However, it is an essential object for devices that need to provide energy with batteries.In the survival period, charging all battery-powered devices is a top priority in order to prevent a blackout of the city's power supply.


If people want to live longer, a good knife is essential. Knives can be used not only for self-defense, but also for hunting and cutting food. Knives are much more precious than food, and are the ultimate tool in survival.


Screwdriver has a very key role in daily life, in the survival process due to a large number of manufacturing production, some survival tools if the need to repair the screwdriver is essential, and the same as the role of a knife, it can also become a self-defense tool when necessary.


Although cell phones are not used as much as they are in everyday life, they are the most common form of communication and are very important for survival. Mobile phones can not only make calls, but also listen to radio stations with specified frequencies, which is the best choice for people who need to collect information from the outside world.


A guitar tuner may not seem very useful, but it is essential for anyone who owns a guitar. Music has an irreplaceable role in regulating the state of mind, and the tool has extremely strong springs that can be disassembled as weapon parts if necessary.

Hair dryer

A hair dryer is mainly used for drying.This is the fastest drying method for survival, and if the survivor needs a fire, a hair dryer can quickly dehydrate combustible wood, etc. However, hair dryers require electricity, so rely on this tool with caution.


Lighters are the most common tool for starting fires. It is a good habit to wear a lighter at all times. This tool is easy to use and carry, and can meet most of the needs of human survival in the process of survival. If people wants to live longer, collect as many lighters as possible first.